A Remarkable and Priceless Volume Signed by Father and Son

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Theo "Okito" Bamberg, and David "Fu-Manchu" Bamberg, father and son, not unlike many fathers and children, had an at times stormy relationship. But as David's career progressed, and both men got older, there was at first a professional respect, and then the relationship mellowed.

In 1953, assisted by Robert Parrish, Okito published his classic volume "Okito on Magic".

The copy shown at left [from private collection] was presented by Okito to his son David, who was then performing as Fu-Manchu.


"To my boy David, with love and heartfelt good wishes from Dad, July 15th, 1958", Okito inscribed the book.


A mere five years later, in 1963, Okito passed away, and under his father's inscription David has added "died, June 28th, 1963".


In 1972, two years before his own death, David closed the circle, inscribing the book over to "Roberto", from "his friend", David.


This remarkable book is one of the few artifacts to physically record a link in a dynasty in the art of magic that goes back literally centuries, personally passed from father to son.


Okito has affixed his prized personal seal to the book.


Of further interest are the trhee dots in a triangular pattern which, in signing the book "Dad", Okito has included his signature. This triangular pattern of dots is a characteristic of the signature of a member of the Masonic Lodge, of which Okito was a member. Many famous magicians, among them Alexander Herman, Harry Houdini, Howard Thurston, and John Mulholland were Masons.


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