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Conjuring Lights is dedicated to all those who love the art and science of magic.

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The People Who Make Magic

The history and art of conjuring is ultimately the story of people.

But photographs of magicians – even supposedly common photographs – are not nearly as easy to find, particularly in displayable condition, as other magical artifacts.

Conjuring Lights began from the desire to find not simply photographs, but images that could resonate with the personalities of the performers, and capture archetypally "bright lights" of early to mid-20th century conjuring, to accompany, illuminate, and display with a collection of conjuring effects and ephemera.

Sometimes the search unearthed the beauty of a performer's private album, or a single well-kept image.

Other times images were in need of careful restoration, having been stored tacked or taped to walls, their aged emulsions often damaged by 50 years or a century of light and airborne pollutants.

This endeavor arises partly from that search.

The Gallery of Portraits displays photographs, along with various writings or artifacts of the performer or author.

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THE ARTIFACTS: The Technology of Magic

While the 'secrets' of magic may be timeless, its artifacts are products representative of the technology of their time and temperament of their maker.

The interest was not in collecting the entire output of a particular manufacturer, or performer, but in specific and sometimes unique items which could convey the spirit and essential context of a performer or time period.

There are individual items – such as Fu-Manchu's kimono, Okito's rare early hand-made checker cabinet signed "Theo Bamberg", Floyd Thayer's hand-turned Orange vase, Harlan Tarbell's course in its original form – which succinctly and powerfully represent an individual.

Individual artifacts are displayed in the Gallery of Portraits, along with their maker, author, or performer.

And there are classic artifacts representing the spirit of a period.

Classic pieces of American vernacular magic in the early and mid 20th century are represented in Artifacts of Artifice.


Books are a historical window into the soul of any given art.

Specific examples of the literature of magic are shown, representative of their authors and makers. They capture not only thoughts, and secrets, but in the manner of their making convey the spirit of their time, and the sensibility of their authors and makers towards their subjects.

Books are shown together with their author in the Gallery of Portraits.

Historical and reference works on the art and history of conjuring and kindred subjects, along with other artifacts of magic and popular culture, will be displayed in Magick, History, and Culture, including sets and playthings which owe their inspiration to conjuring and magic.


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