Conjuring Lights Portrait Series 1
A Limited Edition
Limited to 500 sets
An opportunity for you to own a stunning historic photographic collection
of enduring value.
The Magicians in Portrait Series 1

True Archival Edition

Pictured: 11 " x 14" Edition *
frame, shown for display purposes only, is not included)
Edition Limited to 500 sets

Pristine Archival Quality, Exceptional Richness and Beauty   Each portrait has been specially chosen not only to portray the likeness but to illuminate the personality of each of these bright lights in the history of magic and conjuring.  The rich feel of specially selected pearl-lustre media brings out the beauty and depth of each portrait.

You will receive portraits which are true archival editions, specially produced for beauty, durability, and long-life.  High quality acid-free archival media and special mineral pigment dyes, the most durable material known for archival images, are used in the production of these limited edition archival portraits.

Archival Storage Sleeves  Archival quality acid-free individual storage sleeves, with conformance to standards verified by the authoritative Image Permanence Institute of Rochester, are provided for each print.

Leather Presentation Portfolio  An elegant leather-bound presentation and storage portfolio is included.

Archival Storage Box  An archival storage box, constructed of acid-free materials and with special metal reinforced corners, and a fold-down inner lip for ease of access, is provided for durable long-term storage, and protection against dust.

Individually Hallmarked  Each portrait is individually hallmarked with the Conjuring Lights holographic hallmark, your assurance of quality and authenticity identifying each copyright photograph.

Special Houdini Desktop Portrait  Included A special Houdini portrait from the Conjuring Lights collection, perfectly sized for the desktop, is included.


Magicians included in Portrait Series 1:

shown below framed and displayed
(frames not included)

Harry Kellar

(1849 - 1922)

The "first Dean of American magicians", depicted in a unique portrait from the famed Union Square New York studio of Napoleon Sarony.

Frederick Eugene Powell

(1856 - 1938)

A star of the famed Triple Alliance, and one of America's foremost stage performers and illusionists, captured in a rare full-length portrait.

Imro Fox

(1862 - 1910)

Manipulative wizard of the famed Triple Alliance, and comedic star of the "Chautauqua", in a rare portrait featuring Fox performing the sleight-of-hand for which he was famed.


Harry Houdini (desktop sized portrait)

(1875 - 1926)

The most famous performer in the history of magic, in a unique portrait dated 1926, the year of the legendary magician and escape artist's sudden and untimely death.


Harry Houdini

(1875 - 1926)

The essence of this escape artist captured in a stunning press photo from one his classic films.


Chung Ling Soo

William Ellsworth Robinson

(1875 - 1926)

An unassuming English gentleman, who created the persona of Chung Ling Soo, and convinced the world he was Oriental conjurer, only to die as the result of an on-stage accident performing the bullet-catching trick, an effect forsworn by many famous magicians ever since.

T. Nelson Downs

(1867 - 1938)

The "King of Koins", who introduced the modern art of coin magic, and created the magical fantasy of coins from the air known as the "Miser's Dream".



Howard Thurston

(1869 - 1936)

The famed illusionist and second "Dean" of American magicians is captured in a classic pose.



Theodore Bamberg

(1875 - 1963)

The famed American performer and scion of the 4 century Bamberg dynasty of magic, in a classic in-character "Okito" portrait.



Horace Goldin

(1879 - 1939)

The genius of stage magic, whose "Sawing a Woman in Half" illusion became perhaps the most famous staple of the conjuror's art in the 20th century, but one with bitter rivalries over its history.


Will Goldston

(1878 - 1943)

In a classic depiction which was one of his own favorites, this author, chronicler, publisher, dealer and legendary English entrepreneur in all things magical, is pictured in a favored 1929 portrait sketch.



Harry Blackstone

(1885 - 1965)

With his blazing shock of white hair ethereally illuminated, the famed illusionist and stage magician peers out with his penetrating gaze.


Silent Mora

Louis McCord

(1884 - 1972)

This much beloved magician is pictured in a rare portrait of him performing the classic Chinese sticks routine, for which he was famed.



Harlan Tarbell

(1890 - 1960)

Author, teacher, and consummate performer, creator of the famed Tarbell System studied by countless entrants to the magical art, Tarbell is pictured in his Oriental character, presenting his version of the Chinese linking rings.


Burling Hull

(1889 - 1982)

The multi-talented "Edison of Magic" who produced treatises on almost every aspect of conjuring.


John Mulholland

(1898 - 1970)

This penetrating pose captures the enigmatic master who was the consummate performer, lecturer, historian, editor of what is widely recognized as the most accomplished journal in the history of the magical arts - "The Sphinx", and reputedly trainer in deception to the acknowledged masters of deception — the CIA.


The Conjuring Lights Hallmark

Each print is authenticated with the Conjuring Lights holographic seal of authenticity, attesting to its enduring value and high quality, and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Every print has been carefully produced to archival standards.


CL Limited Editions - Portrait Series I

16 archival quality portraits, including

  • Harry Kellar,
  • Frederick Eugene Powell,
  • Imro Fox,
  • Harry Houdini,
  • "Okito" Theodore Bamberg,
  • T. Nelson Downs,
  • "Chung Ling Soo" William Robinson,
  • Horace Goldin,
  • William Goldston,
  • "Silent Mora" Louis McCord,
  • Howard Thurston,
  • Harry Blackstone,
  • Harlan Tarbell,
  • Burling Hull,
  • John Mulholland,
  • plus Harry Houdini print desktop sized

INCLUDES deluxe leather covered presentation and storage portfolio, each portrait in archival sleeve, and archival storage box.

8" x 10" size:  $775
(with leather covered presentation portfolio)
11" x 14" size:  $1125
(with leather covered presentation portfolio)
  Also available, at a SAVINGS, WITH archival storage box, but WITHOUT leather covered presentation and storage portfolio:
  8" x 10" size:  $675
(with archival storage box)
  11" x 14" size:  $990
(with archival storage box)

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