Specially Selected Houdini Portraits
from the Conjuring Lights collection
Celebrating Harry Houdini's Birthday
March 24
For a Limited Time

Harry Houdini

(1874 - 1926)

Houdini in Chains

The essence of this escape artist captured in a stunning press photo from one his classic films.

Produced from the original press photo in the Conjuring Lights collection.

Rare Houdini vignette

A rare vintage portrait, produced from a vignetted original signed by Houdini in the year of his death. An exclusive print from the Conjuring Lights collection.

Classic Houdini Portrait

A classic Houdini portrait. [embedded watermark on web photo only].

8" x 10"     $70
8" x 10" $70 5" x 7" $70 11" x 14"   $95
Conjuring Lights is the sine qua non in archival images of historic conjurors
The Conjuring Lights Hallmark

Each print is authenticated with the Conjuring Lights holographic seal of authenticity, attesting to its enduring value and high quality.

Every print has been carefully produced to archival standards.

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