This special announcement is visible only to those linking to this site from the announcement on the KJmagic board.

From May 10 to May 20th, a discount of 20% is offered as a professional courtesy to members of the KJmagic board, on the new CL Limited Edition Portrait Series 1.

This is a Limited Edition, and is subject to availability.

To obtain your discount, simply send an email to kjmbd@conjuringlights.com after placing your order.
1) your name
2) your alias on the KJmagic board, and
3) the order confirmation number you will have received via email from CL Limited Editions.

A discount of 20% will be applied to all items purchased, not including shipping.

Q: May I invite others to participate?

You are free to pass this offer along to others, but they must be members of the KJmagic board at the time their order is placed to receive this special discount.

This offer is valid on orders received from May 10 to May 20th, 2002, and is subject to availability [this is a limited edition], modification, or withdrawal without notice. Your request for discount on orders placed during that period must be received by May 21, 2002.
Conjuring Lights continues a century old tradition, initiated when the original "Conjuring Lights" was issued as a limited edition of photographs of famous magicians.
Archival quality, offered to the performer and avid collector, in a limited edition, for their den.